On 1 May 2008, the BalticGrid Second Phase (BalticGrid-II) project has started. It was designed to increase the impact, adoption and reach, and to further improve the support of services and users of the recently created e-Infrastructure in the Baltic States.

This was achieved by an extension of the BalticGrid infrastructure to Belarus; interoperation of the gLite-based infrastructure with UNICORE an  ../BG_logo_high.pngd ARC based Grid resources in the region; iden

tifying and addressing the specific  needs of new scientific communities such as nano-science and engineering sciences; and by establishing new Grid services for linguistic re

search, Baltic Sea environmental research, data mining tools for communication modelling and bioinformatics.

The e-Infrastructure, based on the successful BalticGrid project, is fully interoperable with the pan-European e-Infrastructures established by EGEE, EGEE associated projects, and the planned EGI, with the goal of a sustained e-Infrastructure in the Baltic Region.

Although on 30th April 2010 the Bhttp://www.balticgrid.org/images/bg2-partners-smaller/image_previewalticGrid-II project has finished, it is not the end of provision of services and infrastructure to our users. The infrastructure is in full use, our users are well aware of the services and the usage is increasing by the day - both in CPU hours and storage, as well as in number of applications.

In short: BalticGrid is in place and continues to deliver without interruption.

What's next?  In parallel with keeping the quality and capacity of BalticGrid in place, we will continue to pursue the goal to involve industry. We have since the start of 2009 been experimenting with many industry related actives - through BalticCloud, BalticGrid Innovation Lab as well as many local initiatives. The results from these experiments are reflected in projects outside our region, and will now come handy for our future planning.

Project Director
Aake Edlund, KTH, Sweden
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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